Alley is one of the most pure-hearted, gentle, caring humans I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is welcoming and warm with you and meets you where you are. Meditating with Alley brought me a strong sense of peace. It's clear just through her energy that Alley is meant to help people heal. It's difficult for me to be vulnerable with people, but Alley allowed me to relax and feel comforted. I recommend Alley for your meditation journey, not only because she is experienced with the practise, but because her very essence is something remarkably compassionate that will bring you comfort no matter what you might be going through. Sat Nam!

Lucy Lewis

I crave Alley’s guided meditations. She is a meditation medicine woman. I live in Los Angeles and she coaches me via zoom. I cherish these sessions. She has this angelic voice that knows how to instantly cut through the layers and goes soul to soul, helping to connect me into the core of myself. She moves me from a place of restlessness to a calm peaceful place within myself. My body and spirit just completely resonate with her warmth and wisdom and I feel very blessed to have her as my meditation coach.

Miranda M

I went to Alley looking to begin my journey into meditation. I was feeling overwhelmed and negative. My hour sessions with Ally were so grounding and rewarding. She curates a thoughtful and comfortable space It felt like therapy, mindfulness and an exercise in heart opening all at once. Her low pressure, "no right way" approach to bringing you into the moment resonated with me. I feel ten pounds lighter and have already reminded myself twice this morning to be present in lieu of negative patterns. Big xoxox to Alley for offering her energy up.

Naomi Woodman

Before I started meditating with Alley I was filled with anxiety and constantly overwhelmed. A few months ago I started seeing her on a weekly basis and noticed the positive effects immediately. I have a sense of calm that I can't remember having since childhood. When my 10 year old son became interested in what I was doing I decided to bring him to a session. It's now the highlight of our week when we go together and meditate with her. Alley is patient, non-judgemental and one of the most authentic humans I have ever met. I wish I had discovered meditation sooner and I believe introducing this practice to my children is one of the best gifts I could ever give them.

Maddy I

I was a novice meditator looking for guidance and direction in order to gain a better understanding of the meditation process and its benefits. Alley was patient, understanding, generous, and knowledgable. She took the time to ask questions, get to know me, and customize sessions to suit my needs. Her space is warm and inviting and it is always a pleasure to meditate with her. Thank you.

Hannah H

I recently came to Alley for a guided mediation session & sound bath.. it was the most enjoyable & relaxing 30 minutes I have experienced. When I left I felt so light & clear of any unwanted energies clinging to me/ around me. It was a blessing 🙏 Alley is such a lovely person to chat with & her space is so calming. Thanks Alley!!

Greg Clark

It was wicked to go to Alley's house and do a meditation session!

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