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Alley Hart

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Alley is a pure hearted soul who seeks to alleviate suffering. She is a philosophical thinker who loves to contemplate life. She sees meditation as one of the most wonderful and direct ways to contribute to peace and evolution on Earth. She is fascinated by healing, wellness, multidimensionality, humanity's biologically intrinsic healing abilities and by understanding the workings of our inner and outer worlds. Alley loves that we as humans have the opportunity to access such profound inner states of perceptive expansion. She has been blessed to learn from a handful of masterful spiritual seekers and traditional healers and is striving to one day achieve self-mastery herself. She is passionate about contributing peace to our consciousness for a new age of harmony and great healing on Earth. Alley came to the practice of meditation after escaping from a dangerous and life threatening situation and she has experienced a profound depth of healing from practicing meditation daily since then. She is especially is called to work with trauma survivors in building resilience and using trauma informed practice. This is a subject she is studying deeply now and hopes to apply more fully in the future, with the awareness that humanity has an in-depth ability to bounce back to health and homeostasis from the current state of imbalances. Alley holds a vision for the Ancient Memory Collective as a hub of spiritual seekers connecting and sharing of themselves in order to share downloads and pass on various light encoded genetic upgrades with one another in the larger context of Oneness. Alley has experienced directly the impact of our quantum reality and the truth of our interconnection with All that Is. She has seen profoundly how strongly we impact our world and as a result is very focused on the important subjects of empowerment and coherence as routes to bringing our world into a new age of Peace and Harmony that many of our ancestors have dreamt of throughout the ages. We are truly powerful masterful creators and all we have to do is remember and cultivate this truth. Alley carries and anchors great hope here for this time in humanity's shifting and is honored to be given the chance to contribute to our collective balancing and healing via this platform and by creating a life that is a work of art, an expression of loving kindness, humility and compassion. Please feel free to reach out to her for any kind of guidance on your spiritual journey, she is absolutely thrilled to be given any opportunity to assist her fellow brothers and sisters.

About Us 


We offer Professional Meditation Coaching and Meditation Facilitation for individuals and groups to empower personal and global awareness, harmony and healing. 

We are a collective of beings anchoring Light and Hope on Earth in Sacred Service to World Peace, Harmony and Healing during this time of Global Mass Consciousness Spiritual Awakening.
We utilize Meditation and Mindfulness practices to raise our awareness for healing and evolution.

We create alternative media and information sources with the intent for raising the human spirit and inspiring.

Join the circle of beloved sisters and brothers to be inspired, awaken in community and be reminded of your inherent wisdom and divine multidimensional mastery!

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