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Space Holding

Active Listening, Neutral Awareness, Complete Attention, Compassion

  • 55 minutes
  • 33 Canadian dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Do you need a someone to listen to you in a skilled way? Would you benefit from space holding from a neutral, heart centred, loving and compassionate being? Alley is the Skilled Friend you need! Trained as a Skilled Friend to hold space in a healthy, non-judgmental, openly neutral way, she is delighted to use her most beloved skill of listening in service to your highest good. Tools such as active listening, mirroring, unconditional positive regard, grounding and sitting with what is will be utilized. Any difficulties the client is experienced are held with loving intent, seen as they are and without any need to fix or change the situation, instead honouring it and observing it together with another soul. This service of professional space holding is helpful for the client to feel heard and seen regarding anything they are experiencing or expressing. In feeling this way, within a safe container, the client is better able to validate their own feelings and find solutions for moving forward or feeling at peace. Please feel free to inquire directly for more information on this service! Aho.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours before your scheduled time.

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We offer Professional Meditation Coaching and Meditation Facilitation for individuals and groups to empower personal and global awareness, harmony and healing. 

We are a collective of beings anchoring Light and Hope on Earth in Sacred Service to World Peace, Harmony and Healing during this time of Global Mass Consciousness Spiritual Awakening.
We utilize Meditation and Mindfulness practices to raise our awareness for healing and evolution.

We create alternative media and information sources with the intent for raising the human spirit and inspiring.

Join the circle of beloved sisters and brothers to be inspired, awaken in community and be reminded of your inherent wisdom and divine multidimensional mastery!

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