Reflections On These Times: We Must Remember Our Power As Divine Beings

Dear reader,

In this time of great shifting on Earth, I have had so much extra time to reflect, meditate, be in prayer and feel into what is needed for our planet and all of us on it to be healed. I am sure that a lot of what I have to share about this is shared perspectives that I've downloaded from the collective consciousness. However, I think it's important to get these messages out in as many ways as possible to as many people possible. The central point that I've become aware of is that most humans need to be re-empowered; to see their absolute divine power as individuals. So many of us have forgotten that each of our thoughts, each of our actions, each of our emotions and choices impact the collective. We are all so very intimately woven together. Our vast interdependence is an age old concept that dates back to ancient cultures like Lemuria and Egypt. It is reflected in the Hindu story of Indra's net of Jewels depicted below, and in the practices and teachings of every religion across the globe.

I particularly love the concept of Indra's net of Jewels. The idea is that the universe is made up of infinite jewels, or droplets, and within each is the reflection of every single other jewel. This is a widely accepted phenomena in the East, especially in India where this Earthly existence is seen as a Divine Play, where "everyone is God in drag" to quote Ram Dass. Alan Watts, who also studied ancient Eastern teachings in depth and brought them to the West, speaks widely about this subject. One statement that comes to mind is along the lines of how one day, each of us will look up at the starry sky and realize, "why, that's me!"

This idea is also illustrated throughout pop culture and film. Films such as the Butterfly Effect, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Matrix all play with this idea of interconnectedness.

So, anything that you heal in yourself, is also being healed for all other beings on the planet in some way. By doing your healing work, you are doing big things for everyone, even if only the ethers are your witness! No one is isolated, no one is an island, and we all rely on one another. This interdependence is especially clear at this time, as we all rely on one another to contribute to various services in society which allow us to live our lives. All of the choices you make, from the beginning to the end of each day have far reaching impact on every single other being and particle of All that is! How incredible is that?! When you choose to do something healthy for your body, your mind, your spirit, or you support a cause or a system that is doing good for humanity as a whole [like choosing to buy organic food at the grocery store as much as is accessible for you] ultimately you are making that choice more accessible for all. This is definitely illustrated in the steady re-emergence over the years of natural health alternatives, alone. By your choice, you are putting that option out into the world for others to then also benefit from in the future. When you enter into prayer each day, you are increasing the likelihood that others will also enter into prayer. I think it is very clear that this unprecedented time of uncertainty and change on our planet is very likely to be for the good of all. So many of us have been "sent home" on the physical plane, and on a metaphorical level, we have been sent home to ourselves. I pray that more and more people each day will be called to use this time to return home to themselves, to their spirit, to their heart. An incredible interview with author Sonia Choquette below expands on this idea of being sent home to ourselves, plus includes a lot of other applicable and helpful discussion around this time as a time of ascension and the consciousness shift:

On that note, this is an absolutely wonderful time to learn meditation practices and to bring healthy new habits into your life. It is a great time to take a look at your lifestyle, and how it's been impacting you. To ask questions, like, how is this food, this water, this daily routine impacting my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness? How can I improve my actions each day in order to feel a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing? Is that something that I truly want but have been somehow blocked in giving to myself? How can I invite more light into my life and in turn anchor more light onto the planet, so that all may one day bring more and more light into their experience? What is our mission here on Earth? Along with all of these reflections on our own lives, it comes naturally that it's also a perfect time to look at our life as a collective. How do we want our planet and our systems to evolve? I think many, many people want to see sustainable systems put in place, systems that are healthy and rejuvenating for both ourselves and the planet. I would love to see people on a mass scale shifting their purchasing patterns towards supporting companies that are not destroying the planet and her resources. In truth, we are in the seat of power in terms of whether destructive industries continue. And, when these old systems do crumble, what will it feel like? How will it look? I invite you, beautiful, darling reader; divine, multi-dimensional master, to take a look at what vision you are holding for humanity and Earth at this time. Bring in a regular practice of envisioning a new world, one of peace, harmony and healing. Ponder this idea! That, perhaps, the world truly is just as magical as you once dreamt. That you, one being, can imagine the world of your wildest most abundant dreams and bring that to fruition with your energy each day. There are many of us already doing this, and much evidence (such as the Hundredth Monkey Effect or the recently spiked electromagnetic field on Earth April 4th 2020, when more than 1 million people meditated at the same time) that suggests that we are already shifting this Earthly experience into a new paradigm of healing and regeneration for all- and have been, for quite some time now! Check out this link to a beautiful spoken word piece by Darpan on Soundcloud (from 8 years ago!!!) It is as relevant as ever!

My favourite quote from this recording is: "....A new world, without fear, without war, without greed, in the safe custodianship of an awakened species; manifesting peace, with love, light, and celebration." ~Darpan As a dear teacher of mine says, "buckle your seatbelt and hold onto your root chakra!" As, this is the time that global change and healing has begun! Get ready to witness miracles!! It is happening sooner and more quickly than many of us (or, atleast, myself) thought! May you hold yourself most preciously divine one, you hold within you the power to create massive shifts on our planet and beyond.

Some Ideas for Daily Practices to Contribute to Global Peace ~Daily Meditation, any kind that allows you to relax into your beingness and be with your experience as it is, in a way that benefits you

~Daily Prayer in which you are using the power of the Word to invoke healing for yourself and the planet while connecting with a higher power

~Use of affirmation and intention setting which both also use the supreme power of the Word to create ~Bring awareness to your relationship with yourself, how you are relating with yourself, speak to yourself within and if needed, seek resources to assist you in accessing your innate self-healing potential

~Be mindful of what you choose to consume. Whether, food, water, thought forms or media! Remember that ALL of the mainstream media outlets are owned by SIX dominating massive companies that also happen to dominate the oil, agriculture AND health industries. Consider their interests and be careful what you choose to allow into your being! ~Create a space in your home for connecting to your spiritual path- perhaps a place to meditate, a place to pray, an alter with reminders of divinity, or try making little notes and signs to put around to remind yourself of Truth ~Explore some kind of inspirational literature (check out my Book List on the resources page if you need some suggestions) ~Do something kind or helpful for someone that is less fortunate than you are

~Spend time within a natural environment and cultivate a strong remembrance for our innate connection with Mother Earth that so many of us have lost, especially in cities! ~Hug a tree, or lean against one with your spine aligned to it's bark- trees love to help us clear our etheric gunk! ~Reach out to people who may be able to help you on your journey or with whom you can connect and share about where you're at. I am always happy to do this! There is always someone who is happy to share about the journey, somewhere. Community is so important, and will only grow with all of this unfolding on the planet; soul family! ~Observe where your needs are in your life and ensure that they are being fulfilled! Observe whether you need more fresh air, more creativity, more use of your voice, more silence, etc. Study of the chakra system is a great way to see where you can infuse more balance into your life-- and there is so much information about these energy centres all over the place. I recommend the work of Anodea Judith and especially her book "Eastern Body, Western Mind" (which delves into the energy centres in relation to the psyche) ~Take the time to really examine your lifestyle to ensure that you are being truly nourished in as many ways as possible. Remember: you are in a highly complex and intelligent body which is composed of mostly water! For me, the biggest step I took at the beginning of my spiritual journey was to ensure the water I was consuming was pure, by using a filter and by use of intention and the power of prayer. I will write on this more, but look into the work of Dr. Emoto and Dr. Hew Len to learn more about how to heal water. When the cells of your body are hydrated and purified, your body is by definition a clearer space for consciousness to land. Everything will become more clear, and it will be easier for you to listen to what your body is saying! Not to mention, your meditations will also deepen! ~Lastly, have fun! Learn to move and discharge stressful energy by singing, breathing, dancing, running, walking, laying on the Earth, putting your bare feet in the sand, taking a shower etc. There is a vast amount of information about how stress hormones impact the body, and even more techniques for releasing them so you can move forward into a more positive experience of the moment! Breathwork is incredible for this; I highly recommend the Wim Hof Method or Alternate Nostril Breathing- also, the 5 Rites Yoga postures are a quick easy way to get your chakras opening and your body moving! Also recommended is Donna Eden's daily energy routine. You may also like to learn about Heart-Brain Coherence. I am definitely going to write more about my experiences with these powerful practices!

Until next time. May your journey be one of great beauty and profound exploration and may you remember that you are a being of vast spiritual potential and light!

Much love,

Alley, The Ancient Memory Collective

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