Reflections On Life, Temporality & Awareness

Dear beloved reader, Thankyou for joining me in this sacred moment. I hope you are feeling well and healthy, and would love to hear how you're really doing in the comments below!

My goodness, life is so incredibly complex and fascinating! I am observing in myself a deep awe for the vastness of what is. Every day I am learning and growing. Every day I see myself anew. Every day I am blessed with fresh new moments, all mysterious and beautiful! Life shows us everything! We can explore infinite facets of awareness, with our highly sensitive and finely tuned bodies picking up on so so much the more we evolve. Sometimes it's frightening, sometimes it's beyond words, sometimes I think I know, and other times I remember it's a total mystery!

Sometimes there is joy, sometimes sadness, a vast array of so many different emotions, sensations and perceptions.

Behind it all, I am aware!

So much of what our experience is about is opening our eyes.

Opening up in order to truly witness our experience.

I realized that if I'm going to cling at all, I'll begin by dropping everything and 'clinging' to my awareness. This awareness I know is at least lasting, in a way that all those emotions and various changing experiences are not. I hold fast to awareness as an anchor.

Sometimes the mind can end up stuck in a certain set of neural pathways. Sometimes we can end up thinking that we don't know how to change.

Sometimes things can feel dull and confusing. But we can shake it off!

I shake it off, I move, shake, dance and make noise! I remember myself as the powerful creator of my life. I remember that each moment I can choose whether to be impacted by a particular thought. I remember that where attention goes, energy flows. I remember that all the answers already exist within me, and that I just have to open new neural pathways, open my mind to see beyond perceived limits. I feel better when I stop clinging. Letting go completely of all attachments.

Choosing to let go. Making a conscious choice, to let go, to be here now, each moment as a fresh start! It is deeply nourishing to drop absolutely everything and trust that everything will flow in a way that benefits all involved. It all comes out in the wash in the end!

Above all, I remember that this is a special experience. I remember to breath. To trust. To be aware and to see the temporality. To harness my skills and practices each day. I remember that there is inherent wisdom within everything, within every cell of my being, and I know that it will be okay, that for some miraculous reason, I am here, and I can do it!

May we all be empowered, In love and reverence,


The Ancient Memory Collective

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