Non-Attachment, Equanimity, Neutrality

Greetings Beloveds, Today I am called to write about non-attachment. What a potent subject this is! I have found great nourishment in working with the concept of non-attachment in my daily life. The more that I work with it, the more I feel absolutely free!

To be in a state of non-attachment is to truly be released from attachment to thoughts, hopes, plans, objects, people, places, and just about anything that exists outside of the state of simply being aware.

I have found that often attachment is closely linked with the ego's idea of identity.

My ego wants to consider a certain space or place to be mine, and mine alone, or it gets caught up on my behavior and expression being a certain way in every situation. The more that these concepts can be released, the more the mind opens, instead of considering only one place home, I find myself at home nearly everywhere. Instead of considering only my blood-relatives my 'family', I see all of humanity and all that exists as my family, with whom I am intimately and invisibly connected.

In doing this, the mind opens, the brain creates new neural pathways, there is expansion. This expansion creates space for openness to life, openness to infinite possibilities any given moment. The truth is that anything and everything is possible in the infinite quantum field of possibilities. We can look back on the memories of our lives and see various situations having played out certain ways. We see it having unfolded in a particular way. If we contemplate that and examine it more closely, really, what played out was one combination of thoughts, ideas, choices, opportunities and combinations of events that lead to life unfolding as it did. Really, one single different choice would impact the entire unfolding; even just a small choice that made seemingly subtle differences! This points to the fact that we are powerful creators of our lives. I have noticed that the more I practice with the awareness that there are infinite possibilities, the easier it is to be unattached to any one particular outcome. Because, I know that if one outcome doesn't unfold, another one most certainly will. So, I can still apply my will, and be aware of what it is that I wish to draw into my life, that which I dream of experiencing, and I can choose to make decisions that are more likely to lead to that place, however I am fluid, because I am not overly narrowing my focus to one outcome that I'm attached to.

The universe is our playground. We are here to become masters!

As much as conditioning on this planet may encourage us to forget our power, we are inherently powerful. We have access to many skills and practices that show us how to free our mind. All we have to do is be empowered in that knowing by cultivating skills and examining every area of our lives with diligence, skill, awareness and neutrality. Non-attachment. Equanimity. Neutrality

These concepts are closely connected with a state of non-attachment. They're the same thing.

When we are neutral, we witness the unfolding of life. We are non-reactive. We are present and not holding fast to any one perspective. We are neutral, aka, non-attached. When we are equanimous, we are even, balanced, calm, accepting, allowing, present.

We are non-attached. Practicing this skill of cultivating an equanimous perspective, especially when in a state of reaction to a situation is an incredibly useful life skill.

We practice being the witness to our own minds, we witness when the mind gets caught on something happening, has a reaction to a stimuli, and we swoop in with awareness to instead consciously choose to remain equanimous. Really, this concept of non-attachment has so many names and comes up as a central quality in the majority of spiritual approaches to life around the globe and throughout history. It's a quality that is in a sense nameless and formless, but essential, like a natural, unwritten law or something. I'm thinking now of how this concept of non-attachment has shown itself again in the more modern spiritual movement of 'Going 5D'. The movement towards going fifth dimensional is another name for another age old concept but in a modern form. It can be compared to Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Awakening, or Buddhic Consciousness. In this state of consciousness, whichever name you choose to refer to it, we are essentially moving, choosing and living from a place of absolute love, acceptance and openness, with the awareness of everything being inherently connected and divine. In this state of consciousness we are inclined to love absolutely everyone and everything. We see everything as ourselves, as God. An essential part of this, that I have especially noticed in writings on 5D consciousness is the idea of remaining completely open. Especially with our language and response to any given situation. For example, instead of saying "Why is this happening to me?" We say "What's going on?" There is an openness there. A calm curiosity. A non-attachment. In meditation practice I have found the following technique to be very useful.

Begin your meditation practice in whatever way suits you best in any given moment.

Find yourself flowing into a more relaxed open state.

Then, consciously and keenly observe your experience directly.

Notice absolutely everything about your current experience. Even if your eyes are closed! Feel your body entirely, feel your emotional state, your mind, what thoughts are present, notice any energetic residues from past experiences, notice the room you're in, your stance on life in that moment; notice absolutely everything that you can sense. And, not in a rigid analytical way if you can avoid it. Instead, drop into FULL awareness of everything in your experience right now. Feel it all at once, all together, in the flash of that unique instance. Then, see if you can flow with it completely.

I call this the Notice and Flow technique. You notice your present reality entirely, in a raw, real present way. Then you just flow with it. Consciously knock down all the mental barriers to flowing with what IS as it IS, and allow yourself to flow like a mighty river with it ALL.

In a sense, choosing to be non-attached, noticing where you can be non-attached becomes more fun than actually remaining attached. It's like realizing that you already have absolutely everything you need and cleaning out your house.

This meditation practice is an excellent tool for non-attachment.

We just see what is, accept what is entirely, radically, and flow with the current of the unfolding universe, our unfolding experience of being alive. Let me know what you think of this practice! I find it super fun and life-giving. Life is going to flow and unfold as it will. We can flow with the current while also learning to subtly influence it from a place of true empowerment. How will you choose to live today?

Remember! Be here now. You don't have to do it all at once. Non-attachment can take time to cultivate. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with your mind. It is natural in this world to have cultivated attachments, and it's okay! If it is a practice that is really calling to you, stick with it. Day by day, patiently and at a natural pace without judgement, cultivate the state of awareness you wish to be in. Practice it. With love, Alley The Ancient Memory Collective

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