My Experience with the Healing Power of Meditation: Part 1

Updated: Feb 20

Dear Reader,

This is Alley here. I'm feeling called to share my experience of meditation as an incredibly healing practice!

I began my practice of daily meditation just over four years ago.

It has been an incredible agent for change, growth, new perspectives, mind expansion and overall healing.

I committed to daily meditation practice after experiencing a very traumatic event of being held captive in a dangerous place! I was very much internally traumatized and fragmented by this experience. It caused all sorts of challenges for me, and I really lost myself in a lot of ways.

Now, I acknowledge that it had to happen. Because of that, and because of my choices after getting out of that situation, so much learning about myself and our world has come through.

It assisted me in my awakening journey.

Prior to that experience, I had been reading various spiritual books and seeking; I had learned meditation from a very dear friend as well, but the insight of the importance of daily practice had not yet captured my awareness.

So, once in a safe space again, I decided to sit with myself for one hour per day.

And, that's how it began. I just sat still. The mind and emotions were wild and all over.

I held my stillness. It was super challenging sometimes! Other times, it was so deeply nourishing!

I learned what it means to truly be present and still amidst the constantly changing and shifting realities of temporality around me.

Our human condition is such that we can experience such a vast well of complexity and infinite feelings, perspectives, thoughts and states. It's so beautiful!

What is at the center?


The more that I sat in meditation, the more I was able to hold my center in simple present moment awareness.

I stopped identifying with all that was moving and changing, instead resting on the constant of awareness.

Now, after four years I am...

~Aware that all emotions are valid.

~Aware of what it means to flow with however the universe ends up unfolding.

~Less likely to form non-beneficial attachments.

~Able to sit with emotions and sensations that are generally deemed uncomfortable.

~Slower to assume how something is, instead remaining open to infinite possibilities.

~More compassionate with myself and others.

~In a place of enjoyment with being on my own and in solitude.

~Aware of how complex the inner world can be (while not necessarily appearing as such externally) and so remain curious about other people and their true experiences.

~Able to sit in still silence for an extensive period of time. This nourishes the ability to consider various situations from many sides and to choose that which feels truly aligned for me.

~Better at being grounded in my body.

~More and more aware of the systems and energy centers of my body through direct experience.

~Much more sensitive to subtle energies.

~Aware of much more third eye activity and have perceived a great amount of the wild, amazing magic of both inner and outer worlds!

So, the practice continues. I am still learning to relax sometimes, and sometimes I do get attached to certain mental perspectives. But the mindful awareness that has grown within through the practice of meditation allows me to navigate all of these things with much more ease.

Meditation has brought me into a much stronger state of being. There is a sense of being better able to navigate life and choose wisely for myself.

I am able to...

Sit with my true experience.

Maintain positive, life-giving perspectives.

Maintain True, genuine hope for this world.

I've also definitely fostered a more finely tuned psychic system! Which we can all do!

That process has been really fascinating, and I will write more specifically on that in a later blog post.

Curious about what my practice looks like now?

Mostly, I simply sit with what is, witness the flow of my experience and witness various inner densities and blocks while making an effort to relax into them, rather than tensing up around them.

Sometimes chanting comes through, sometimes sound healing instruments, sometimes focusing on a candle flame or on my third eye.

From time to time I do a lying down meditation, using the "cradling" technique which is a flow of laying in a comfortable position and acknowledging all that you have done and are doing.

Other times I find specific breathing practices very beneficial.

Alternate nostril breathing, Wim Hof breathing, breath of fire, psychic breath, body talk breath practice and other variations too.

Mostly though, for the last year or so I have found myself called to simply sitting quietly.

It's one of the best parts of each day, to sit and be quiet in myself.

I am so grateful every day that the practice of meditation came into my life.

It has truly accelerated my wellness in so many ways over these years, and I think it's so wonderful that meditation has become more widespread across the world and continues to.

It feels clear to me that that is for a very good reason, and I'm glad about it.

Humanity is wise, and meditation activates that further!

Much love and blessings on your journey,


The Ancient Memory Collective

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